Organisation d'ateliers nature. Monotypes et Encres végétales. Lors de votre séjour, vous pouvez réserver votre atelier nature avec exposition instantanée animé par Anne, intervenante diplomée nature environnement et histoire des arts spécialisée en pédagogie d'éveil.



Ateliers découverte du Qi Gong organisés par Stéphanie, praticienne en médecine chinoise.


Toutes les infos sur les activités sont sur leur pages!


We have a small camp consisting of one yurt, one tepee and one gypsy caravan. To cater for all we have constructed a shared kitchenette and washroom facilities.
The kitchenette is in a chalet and has a fridge, a gas stove and all the equipment needed to prepare meals if you are not planning to leave the site. There is a covered eating area on the porch of the chalet and we have planted tomatoes,strawberries, herbs and vegetables that depending on the season you are welcome to enjoy.

The washroom
In another constructed chalet for the camp, we have provided a dry toilet with shower and washbasin with hot water run on solar power. A spacious area where you will feel warm and secure.

With the new arrival of the tepee, we are preparing another washroom area at the edge of the forest that is not available at the moment.

Remember to pack you torches and suitable footwear incase of rain.
Soon some news pictures will be available.