Organisation d'ateliers nature. Monotypes et Encres végétales. Lors de votre séjour, vous pouvez réserver votre atelier nature avec exposition instantanée animé par Anne, intervenante diplomée nature environnement et histoire des arts spécialisée en pédagogie d'éveil.



Ateliers découverte du Qi Gong organisés par Stéphanie, praticienne en médecine chinoise.


Toutes les infos sur les activités sont sur leur pages!

Isolated Holidays retreat "Au Marquisat"

Yurt, Hobbit house, gypsy Wagon or Tiny House.

The marquisat is mix between prairies ans natural oak forest covering 6 hectares of beautiful french countryside only 30 min from Toulouse.

Here nature is preserved and maintained by ourselves and our animals.

Our family wish to share this experience with people who love nature and tranquil environnement.

We invite you to discover the ways of our ancestos native peoplesthat are sadly nearly all lost to us in our modern world.

The nomad world of Mongols, American Indians and Gypsy travelers can be relieved by staying in spaciously decorated Yurt, colorful teepee build in fire place or with ornate gypsy caravan.

The nomad life for us remain to this days a mysteryfor modern man, so difficult to imagine their simple way of life, when ours is consumed by work, stress and consuption!

Here time stand still ensuring you to make the most of you time away from the world.

In this natural reserve in "Le marquisat", you will discovered a wide range of fauna and flora that have been preserved and protected over many years.

Discover the animals and the plants along with our extented family of three lamas and a herd of donkeys who all add to the preservation of the land